Hello, I'm Louise. I'm a UX Designer & my dream is to help improve people's lives using the power of design & technology.


Cultivate by Farmdrop

Group Project  |  Concept  |  2 Weeks

Stakeholders at Farmdrop identified an opportunity to offer customers a health-tracking app or website to help users make better lifestyle choices. Users would track issues related to their health and book participation in events. As a team we were given a two-week window to develop a solution to this challenge.




Obby: becoming the go-to for lifelong learners

Group project | Client | Obby | 2.5 weeks

Obby has recently diversified the products it offers in the adult learning space, making the move into Languages, Music, Professional Development and Technology. However, the current user flow within the site is set up to complement the purchase of Art and Crafts experiences. Obby asked us to address this flow and look at ways it could be tailored to accommodate a wider variety of product offerings.



Solo Project  |  Concept  |  2 Weeks

Freddie, my primary user, has a very busy work, social and home life and would like to manage all the moving parts better. The solution I proposed for this was a better wake up experience. I felt that Freddie would feel more productive, organised and energised throughout his day if this crucial morning period was more pleasant. I decided to create and develop an alarm app specifically for people who hate waking up in the morning, brand the app and take it from low to high fidelity.



Take Note_Wireframes.jpg

Take Note

Solo Project  |  Concept  |  1 Week 

Take Note is a stationery store which wants to expand its offering online but keep its 'small shop' appeal and great customer service reputation. The store focuses on hand-picked quality over quantity and a highly-curated inventory. I applied UX methods to develop a mid-fidelity prototype of their online store with the aim to set them apart from their competitors.

Graphic Design

Long-term clients including Detox Kitchen, Institution of Civil Engineers, The Natural History Museum, Rococo Chocolates, plus many more.

Design and illustration for exhibitions, national tours, social media campaigns, strategy pitches, stores and communications. Work featured on The Dots homepage and packaging sold in Selfridges, Liberty, Harvey Nichols and other retailers.